Why Won't My Natural Soap Last Longer?

by Winetta Oloo

You spend hard-earned money on a natural soap bar, use it three times, and it’s all but disappeared. Sound familiar? If this has happened to you, and you’re buying soap from a reputable company, the solution might be as simple as finding the right soap deck! We learned early in our natural soap journey that any ol’ soap dish just wouldn’t do. You see, natural soap is chock full of glycerin. Glycerin is naturally formed when the oil and alkaline (lye) react to each other in the soap making process. It is incredibly moisturizing. So moisturizing that it will even pull moisture from the air. This is why the type of soap dish you use can be imperative to extending the life of your natural soap.  

Example of Conventional Soap Dish

Natural soap should never be left sitting in water. Glycerin in the soap will soak up that water and melt the soap. For this reason, it is better to opt for a soap deck instead of a conventional soap dish. But all soap decks are not created equal. Below are the features of our handcrafted Teak Wood Soap Deck, all of which should be present in any soap deck that you purchase. With these features, you are guaranteed to extend the life of your natural soap and get your money’s worth!

Oloo Farms Teak Wood Soap Deck


Our soap decks are made of teak wood - one of the finest and most durable woods in the world. This is the same type of wood used to build boats and some of the best outdoor furniture, so you can be sure of having your soap deck for a very long time.


The soap decks are about one inch in height. This thickness enables us to make the grooves quite deep and wide to maximize air circulation underneath the wet soap, facilitating quick drying.


Unlike the soap decks/dishes with narrow grooves, the deep and wide grooves of these decks also eliminate the possibility of soap building up and clogging the grooves. This is important because clogged grooves reduce air circulation and water drainage making it hard for the soap to dry.


The top surface of the decks are flat, but the grooves are cut at an angle creating a steep gradient that automatically drains the water off the soap and the deck as soon as the soap is placed on the deck. This is another reason why the soap dries faster on these decks.


Wet soaps tend to stick on surfaces if not used for an extended period. The narrow contact surface of the deck allows minimal contact between the soap and the deck, and this prevents the soap from sticking tightly to the deck even after sitting on it for days without use. 

No joints

These soap decks have a simple, yet effective design. They have no pieces joined together by glue or nails so you don't have to worry about it falling apart or having rusty nails.

Sits on any flat surface 

The flat bottom allows the decks to sit on any flat surface without wobbling.

Made in the USA

Each deck is cut by us, sanded by us, and carefully hand-stained by us in our small shop here in the great US of A.

If you don’t already have one or two, a Teak Wood Soap Deck is a perfect accompaniment to your Oloo Farms soap purchase. 


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