The Mighty, Mighty Shower Steamer

by Winetta Oloo

There were a lot of things that I didn't fully understand before I had children. One of those things is that moms have a different definition of 'busy'. Before I became a mom 'busy' was working eight hours plus making myself some dinner. These days that sounds like a vacation. With two fun, loud, active, completely lovable boys I'm non-stop all day. And just to be clear 'all day' refers to before, during, and long after eight hours at my full-time job. So, I have to find ways to relax that don't take a lot of extra time. Don't get me wrong, I would love to take a luxurious bath five times a week. Truth is, that's just not gonna happen. Enter the shower steamer!

Oloo Farms Natural Bath and Body Shower Steamer

Though she be small, she be mighty!

I started making shower steamers because they are stress reduction in a compact little package; self-care in the time it takes to shower. Each one is made with baking soda and citric acid - that magic combination that makes bath bombs fizz. Then I blend in corn starch to make the fizz last a little longer and add essential oils. Viola! Shower steamer! When the shower steamer gets wet it starts to dissolve, releasing the essential oils into the air and I reap all of the fantastic aromatherapy benefits.

In my #momlife, I don't have many opportunities for a spa day. It's also not often that I have an hour (plus drive time) to get a massage. But I can score some extra relaxation with a lavender essential oil blend or an extra boost of energy in the morning with a citrus and peppermint essential oil blend. 

To my fellow moms, dads, and all the busy bees out there: if your life is anything like mine (read one step away from non-stop) try a shower steamer! Just throw one behind you when you step in the shower and make the time you spend in there do double-duty.  

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