Oloo Farms: How It All Began

by Winetta Oloo

We didn't start out with the intention of having a soap business. We started with dry skin. Very dry skin. After wondering (for months) why in the world it was happening the logical thing to do was to scrutinize our body wash. I didn't recognize the names of more than half of the ingredient list and let's not even mention trying to pronounce those names. Tetrasodium etidronate? Pentasodium pentetate? Triethanolamine? Say what, now? There had to be a better option.

So off we went on a journey to discover how to make soap. Lots of books, online articles, YouTube videos, and practice. At the same time, our garden was producing like crazy. Armed with the knowledge that organic herbs can be great for the skin, we picked some mint leaves and made a chocolate mint soap. We also picked some basil and made a lavender basil soap. That first experience of making soap was exhilarating!  

Our very first soap - 'ChocoMint' using mint leaves from the garden.

The best part was that the soap worked. It really worked! It cleansed but didn't dry out our skin. That was all the motivation we needed to keep going. We tried all sorts of recipes, colorants, fragrances, essential oils, and swirling techniques. You name it, we tried it. Eventually, friends started to notice and two, in particular, asked us to make some gift baskets. And that's how Oloo Farms, the business, started.

Adams is the farmer behind Oloo Farms. I have zero skill with plants. Zero. Zed. Nunca and nada. I've killed a cactus. Adams on the other hand can look at a seed and it will immediately begin living its best life. He loves it and has spent most of his life educating himself on farming techniques and honing that skill. He's also the engineer of all of our molds for traditional soap bars and our unique soaps - flags, soap with exteriors that look like pineapples, emojis. He's the mastermind.

Handcrafted molds have allowed us to make unique designs.
I enjoy the 'making' part of things. Creating a colorful and beautiful pattern in a bath bomb that started as little more than white dust is my jam. Dropping what looks like cake batter into a mold in such a way that gorgeous swirls are formed makes my day. Building something useful and pretty from basic ingredients. That's what I love.
Green, pink, and white were all used to create the swirls in this blue soap. 


As a team, we built Oloo Farms. We've been excited to see it grow from 3 soaps to too many varieties to count plus lotions and body butters, lip balms, bath bombs, shower steamers, and accessories. We feel privileged and grateful every day to craft products that our customers love.

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